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I'm Tabbin Almond,

Certified Naked Mind Coach.



If you are here, your head is probably full of questions about your relationship with alcohol. And you may be wondering whether you could actually live an alcohol-free life, (answer = yes, you could) and what that would be like (answer = amazing).

As a certified This Naked Mind coach, (and former problem-drinker), I help people change their relationship with alcohol and live happier and more fulfilled lives as a result!

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About This Naked Mind Coaching

I have undergone rigorous, specialized coach training that allows me use the ground-breaking TNMI methodology and a science-based approach to making alcohol truly small & irrelevant in your life.

If you aren't familiar with Annie Grace and her books (start with 'This Naked Mind'!), her unique approach is an absolute game-changer. 

It's based in freedom (not deprivation), grace (not judgment or shame), and transforming whole lives (not just physical habits).


"Tabbin saved my life. She took me from a dark sewer where I thought there was no hope for the future to a beautiful sunny beach where I get to live my best life. She turned the seemingly impossible into an achievable and fulfilling goal. This isn’t just about alcohol but the reasons behind the drink; the beliefs behind the bottle; the why's that drove the wine witch; the behaviour that propelled the booze and the booze that fuelled the behaviour. The coaching programme is about shining a light on the false beliefs, reframing the convictions and allowing your true self to gain confidence and trust in your worth. It’s like starting a marathon thinking you can’t even run a few steps but having your very own coach beside you to break each problem and false belief down, and then rebuild you into an athlete able to breeze through those last few miles with confidence. The route may be littered with potential hazards but knowing that your coach is there to guide, support and help navigate each one from a position of first hand experience and knowledge is the key to this programme. It’s not about where you have been, it’s about how far you can go, with the very best coach by your side who is acutely aware of every potential hazard along the way. Find the path to your own beach – it’s worth every single second of effort to get there. "

From dark sewer to a beautiful sunny beach (Dr. V, UK, in her 40s)

""I had put off getting help for years. I wasn't sure what I was going to do about the "problem" I had. However, I read the book, This Naked Mind and joined the 30-day Alcohol Experiment. I knew I'd found a community I could trust. Still, I needed 1:1 and discovered Tabbin's website, Wine to Water Coaching. I contacted her and immediately felt a connection. She's the best decision I have made thus far. Tabbin is a great listener and is easy to talk to. What's more, she's positive, compassionate, and insightful. I stand by and highly recommend Tabbin to anyone!" "

Sandra, USA

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